Having a quality POS System is one of the key features to a successful and growing retail or trade business. But what happens when that streamlined POS system crashes or it just refuses to process a particular product? That is where a dedicated and reliable support team comes in. Your POS support team can be the difference between a successful business and struggling one. 


Why is a dedicated POS Support Team vital to your business? 

They improve the overall experience. 

One of the biggest reasons why businesses do not use custom POS systems to better support their processes is because they have not received the required training or support.

With a support team in your corner, they will be there to answer every single query you may have about your POS system and will provide your employees with extensive training. This improves both the staff experience using the POS and the customers’ experience purchasing the products. If you have a support team to provide assistance, you are also more likely to frequently use beneficial POS features, such as integrations. 

Technical support can make or break your business.

When your POS system malfunctions, a support team will be able to resolve the issue quickly and effectively. By resolving these issues and being available to assist businesses, your support team could make the difference between losing a day’s worth of sales or having just one upset customer

Enable success from your employees

As a growing business, you want your employees to work smarter, not harder, and the last thing you want is for them to be frustrated when it comes to putting through a sale because the POS system is unreliable. With a custom POS system, you can guarantee that your employees will be able to streamline processes and improve customer satisfaction. The best way to achieve this is to employ a dedicated support team to train your employees on how to get the most out of your new POS system. By doing so, you can rest assured that your employees will be understanding the technology and utilising it to better assist the business and ultimately increase productivity. 

The Acumen Support Team

When considering POS systems, you should consider how they handle urgent requests, staff training and support tickets. At Acumen Computer Systems, we pride ourselves on having an in-house, Geelong-based team of experts at your service. This means that you are always talking to an Australian who has extensive knowledge of the technology you are using for the best possible support. 

5 reasons to choose Acumen Support.

  1. Local and Australian

When it comes to technical support, many software companies outsource their support to South East Asia. At Acumen Computer Systems, we have a dedicated team that are all locally based in Geelong and can provide support both in-person and remotely. As a local company that values Australian business success, we believe we provide an extra level of service and care to our customers to ensure that they are maximising the use and value of their POS system. 

  1. Personalised to your business

Every POS system that is developed by Acumen has tailored solutions that are unique to that business. It allows you to maximise your efficiency while accessing state-of-the-art technology. We get to know you and your business, taking the time to understand your industry and how your products and services need to be marketed. With ongoing support, our team even reaches out to you to check-in and provide suggestions on new features you may want to add to your current system. 

  1. Assist with custom-built features remotely and on-site

We know that every business is different and that you need a POS system that works for your business. This is why we have developed custom-built POS systems, but with our technical support team, we can upgrade your POS and add more features when you need them. When we update your POS system, we also provide extensive training on how to use the product to maximise the efficiency and productivity of your business. 

  1. Committed to improving your business

At Acumen, we don’t just sell you a POS system from off the shelf. We get to know your business and how your sales process works so we can help you grow. Over the last 20 years, we have helped a range of retailers optimise their operations for continued business growth. For us, a technical support team is not only about being there when the system goes down but enabling frequent communication for ongoing improvements. 

  1. We are the developers

Many POS vendors are re-sellers of existing software products or worse resort to outsourcing their development work to save on costs. At Acumen, we are the developers of our own software.  Our support and development teams work hand in hand with each other so that our developers are intimately aware of the daily operations of our customers.

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