The economy is reopening and if you have changed the way you run your business, you may need a new point of sale system that goes beyond the brick and mortar.

In 2021, many businesses adapted to the recurring lockdowns and outbreaks opting in to new payment methods and ways to run a business including purchasing items and shipping products. Now that Australia is reopening your POS system needs to do more than assist in selling items, it at least needs to be able to track inventory, create customer accounts and assist with pricing so that it is not an additional hassle to your business.

If you are looking for a new POS system as you reopen your store, consider an integrated POS System.

How an Integrated POS System can help?

An integrated POS system is a combination of software and hardware designed to handle all of your business needs. The purpose of an integrated POS system is uninterrupted communication between your POS and other platforms. So there is no more double handling or human errors. It is considered the hygienic solution to receiving payments as it is compatible with a number of payment methods, can be touch-free and paperless.

With an integrated POS System you can exchange data seamlessly and is perfect for a growing business. Its ability to provide efficient real-time data allows you to effectively forecast profit margins and organise your inventory as per customer trends. One of the biggest advantages to employing an integrated POS system is that it contains a tiered level security system allowing businesses to provide separate logins to the POS system for different levels of employees.

The system also seamlessly integrates with countless third-party applications, so you are not losing crucial data such as suppliers information by changing POS systems.

Consider Why You Need a New POS System

There are many reasons why you may need a new POS system as you reopen your business. It can be as simple as you have outgrown your current system and due to some business changes over the course of the pandemic, you need a system that has access to extra functions such as accounting software. Alternatively, your current system might not be living up to your expectations and you are looking for better option.

As you begin your search for a new POS system, you should consider how you are using your point of sales AND what you need the system to do. To get started answer some of the following questions:

  • What devices will you need to ring up sales? (e.g., computers, tablets etc.)
  • How many registers do you need?
  • What types of payments will you accept?
  • Who does it need to communicate with

With these answers, you are able to determine what POS system will be right for your business.

Setting up your new POS with Acumen

Acumen is a fully integrated POS System that excels in customer personalisation, inventory management and accounting software. We specialise in creating tailored solutions for a range of businesses including hardware stores, tech companies and steel manufacturers.

As part of our professional service, we set up your software and help train your employees so that it is easy to use when it comes to day-to-day business operations.

When setting up your POS System there are some things you will need to do, we have created a quick checklist for each stage of the set-up.

Prior to Set Up

  • Review your product files and ensure all items are barcoded correctly.
  • Check your stock figures or complete a full stocktake so you are completely aware of what is on hand.
  • Review each customer file to make sure your customer details are correct and updated.
  • Check your supplier details and balances.
  • Consider how you want to view historical data for warranties and returns.

During Set-Up

  • Upload group lists and product files to Acumen POS
  • Create a pricing structure for all products and services
  • Transfer all customer account information including balances

With correct set-up and by following this checklist you will be able to close all of the accounts and switch all new sales to Acumen POS.

Post Set-Up

After set-up, it is crucial that business managers review the pricing structure every sales period to ensure all products and services are available and utilise the correct pricing method. It is also a good idea to prepares policies for warranties and returns of transactions and sales that occurred before installing Acumen.

Once you have your workflow in a comfortable position, take advantage of the extra facilities available with Acumen to streamline and better your workflow.

Why Choose Acumen

At Acumen Computer Systems, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding products with outstanding support. We are on hand prior and during the set up of your new system and we will regularly check in with you to ensure the POS system is meeting your expectations. As one of the most up to date systems on the market, Acumen POS is designed to be tailored for each business’s custom requests.