About Acumen

Since 1994, Acumen Computer Systems aim to provide quality POS business systems software at a reasonable price to a broad range of diverse and unique businesses.

Our brand and products

Our team pride themselves on delivering excellence in software development and a highly personalised level of customer care and support.

We proudly differentiate ourselves from our competitors because WE are the software developers.

Acumen designed and developed software solutions are highly flexible in meeting our client’s needs with a significant focus on management tools.

An Acumen system is scalable, from single store, through to large multi-site enterprises, enabling our customers to effectively manage and run their business; beginning with supplier orders, stock control and sales, moving right through to accounting and other operational functions.

Our reputation remains un-compromised when it comes to customer support.  The close personal relationships and intimate operating knowledge of our customer’s businesses means we deliver exceptional support, service, and provide our customers current information enabling them to make informed decisions about their business.

Our success

It is exciting times at Acumen, as we are continually developing and optimizing our software to better suit the ever changing business landscape.

The release of the next generation of Acumen software in mid-2019 has seen our feature set expand exponentially and supports us in taking advantage of future technological innovations.

Acumen works in tandem with our customers and computer hardware companies, ensuring the right technology works in harmony, and we provide advice on when and how to move away from obsolete equipment.

With the release of Acumens’ new software version, procedural performance improvements enables our clients’ core systems to further align with the goals of their business, and the software is fully utilising all it’s technological components.

Through assisting our customers solve their business problems we gain valuable insights that help promote positive business development and relationships.

Continually moving Acumen forward through innovation and delving into new and exciting technologies means we continue to be at the forefront in what we can offer our customers.

The future

As technology use and data collection has exploded over the past decade, Acumen Computer Systems saw business analytics as an integral element and inclusion to our software development to futureproof our business systems.

Acumen invested fully in the development of a complete “what, how and why” model that uses business analytics via comprehensive statistics and machine learning methods to gain knowledge and future insights for our customers.

Previously our system was focused on the “what and how” form of business intelligence to understand tendencies, patterns and information trends for our clients.

As the amount of data available to retailers increases the need for automation of processes, a deeper dive into data interpretation and insightful future forecasting was integral in our growth enabling us to support our customer’s business in a more holistic way in this data driven future.

We achieved this with the introduction of new technical methods including machine learning.

These methods provide extra insights allowing businesses to act and adapt quickly, leading to increased profits and reduced downtime (eg stock levels forecasting, pricing optimization, cyber day sales and more)

We are thrilled to continue to develop our software systems giving our customers the ability to continually take advantage of technology advancements that enhances their business success.

POS Systems

POS Systems

Say goodbye to added work pressures and take control of your business with the Acumen Point of Sale System. Its comprehensive reporting ability has you covered from employee management to stocktaking.

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Evolve with your customers and allow them to pay the way they want to. Our built-in general ledger allows you to facilitate all types of payments including trade accounts, creditors and debtors from the one system.

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Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

We are entirely Australian-based and take pride in being able to offer continuous, high quality and reliable support for our clients. We want to get to know you and your business and offer a dependable level of service.

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