Developing a Lifetime of Solutions for Ted’s Cameras

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Ted’s Cameras

For the past 50 years, Ted’s Camera stores have been one of the most beloved camera stores in Australia. Often forward-thinking, they offer customers an extensive range of new and refurbished cameras, lenses and accessories and provide insightful advice for new and expert photographers.

The Task

Ted’s Cameras have been Acumen clients for more than twenty years, originally signing on to get ahead of the new GST compliance laws in 2000. Since 2000, Acumen Computer Systems has assisted in modifying and implementing changes to their point of sales system to better accommodate their business model and customer needs.

Following the pandemic, Ted’s felt like it was time to update their website to better represent their products and local stores to online customers. This included some reconstruction of their point of sale to remove manual uploads and downloads of product information and customer orders while continuing to integrate with Magento.

By undertaking this task, Ted’s Cameras is again ahead of the game in creating a centralised system to represent online and in-person sales.

The Features

By creating custom solutions that integrate both with their POS system and website Ted’s can optimise their stores and inventory via location and based on customer purchasing trends and have created a central control point for their business. With this custom solution, Ted’s Cameras is now able to:

  • Utilise locational data to sync inventory levels from each store and accurately sell products.
  • Sync online orders directly to Acumen POS and stock levels can be adjusted without interruption or interference.
  • List and sync products on online marketplaces such as Google Shopping, eBay and Facebook Marketplace.
  • Apply a tiered security system to provide limited access to each user that can be set by group, user levels and individual product level.
  • Utilise a customer rewards program (Ted’s Club) to enable discount pricing for regular customers and easily integrate the data between Acumen POS and the website.
  • Optimise click and collect orders by providing all of the information to one system.
  • Create custom POS reports by store, by person and by functionality to better represent and facilitate their business.

Custom Reports

As part of any Acumen POS system, businesses are able to create custom reports to better represent their needs. Alongside implementing their new POS solution, Ted’s have created custom POS reports by store, by person and by functionality to better facilitate their business.

For example, one of the reports they have created is a Customer Deposit Report. This report shows customer deposits held per branch. Such report can easily be changed to include further breakdown information such as:

  • The date the order was made
  • The status of the order
  • Who fulfilled the order
  • When they fulfilled the order

It can even show actions and notes made by employees should the order not be fulfilled.

Client Feedback

Ensuring that this project was a success for Ted’s Cameras was essential. As part of our process, we worked closely with the project management team and provided timely updates, advice and ongoing support to ensure that the Acumen POS streamlined their workflow and supported integrations such as Magento.

“Once again partnering with the Acumen team has been fantastic. Working directly with the real developers and project managers allowed us to have a customised integration that works perfectly with our new website.  Acumen delivered the product that we needed and not just the product we thought we wanted, plus it’s backed by a highly professional and excellent support team.”

Eddie, Ted’s HQ

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