Our History

Acumen Computer Systems is a family run software company. We take pride in our level of client-business interaction and the overall service we provide to our clients. We are very proud of the software we have developed over the past 40 years, we are even more proud to call it our own.

Geelong Time-Sharing Centre Founded

GTC founded and established in Geelong. GTC provided on-line basic computer bureau accounting services as well as software development for specialist accounting and manufacturing processing on the PDP-11 computer system.



GTC expands to service a large number of on-line computer terminals connected to various PDP-11’s and DEC VAX computer systems located within GTC’s Geelong office and servicing clients in Geelong, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Albury, Orange, Warrnambool, and Stawell via Telecom’s Datel data transmission service.

Early 1980s

After seeing growth on multi-user software development for various DEC platforms, GTC designs and develops software in-house for IBM’s latest range of personal computers. Software developed for IBM personal computers is focused on major clients in the fields of retail/wholesale distribution, manufacturing and government services.

Late 1980's

Acumen POS System Developed

GTC develop their first POS system named “Acumen”. Acumen becomes a powerful point of sale and accounting software package and is developed utilizing the new Windows platform. Acumen provides the flexibility required by user’s where necessary in the following modules; Point of Sale, Accounts Receivable, Customer Ordering, Stock Control, Supplier Ordering, Accounts Payable, Cheque Writing and General Ledger.


MainTrak System Developed

GTC develops MainTrak as a maintenance tracking system based on Acumen’s software foundation. MainTrak provides a maintenance tracking and control system designed to generate maintenance work orders from regularly scheduled periodic tasks and ad hoc requests.


GTC becomes Acumen Computer Systems Pty Ltd

Keith Fotheringham, senior developer becomes partner after being employed by the company for the previous 13 years. Due to the success of the Acumen point of sale software the name of GTC is changed to Acumen Computer Systems.


GST Introduction

GST is annouced to be introduced on the 1st July 2000. Acumen’s preparation for GST provides a smooth transition for clients leading up to the introduction of GST.


Ted’s Cameras

Acumen signs contract with Ted’s. The Acumen software system is rolled out to all Ted’s Cameras stores nationwide.


Acumen Redevelopment Stage 1

After many years of re-developing the entire back-end of Acumen from the ground up, Acumen’s first client receives stage 1 of a major new update to the Acumen software system.


Acumen Redevelopment Stage 2

Stage 2 of Acumen’s major new update starts to be rolled out among clients.


Acumen Updates Logo

After redeveloping the Acumen software package from the ground up, Acumen reveals an updated logo that keeps with the traditional key and arrow. Acumen also reveals a new website alongside the new logo.


AcuScan v1.0.1 Released

With further development on Acumen’s backend architecture, AcuScan a brand new mobile application available for iOS, iPadOS and Android is released allowing users to view details about their products and upload lists to use within Acumen while on the go. Creating a handy tool to use alongside Acumen features such as stocktaking, receiving purchase orders, generating documents and much more.

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Scalable from small single store, through to large multi-site enterprises. For businesses involved in retail, wholesale and trade. Take control of your business with the Acumen POS System and it’s comprehensive reporting system.

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