Acumen Computer Systems is excited to announce the launch of our AcuScan designed to revolutionise the way businesses count stock and run their businesses. One of the most common challenges our customers experience is the labour intensity of scanning and counting products every month.

Currently, one of the only ways our clients are able to complete stocktaking procedures is via a barcode scanner which, while pretty progressive, is quickly going out of date in the technology world. Barcode scanners have many benefits like the ability to scan long barcodes and fast scanning but essentially, you are scanning blind, which can cause problems later if items are inputted incorrectly.

Acumen has remedied this issue (and more) by launching a mobile-first application, AcuScan. It is not only the future of Acumen, but it is the first of its kind to hit the market that is available on all devices and platforms (i.e. Apple, Google, Samsung).

What is AcuScan?

AcuScan is a mobile tool designed to help in assisting businesses to streamline any form of stock counting and checkup duties. In the future, we also hope this app will assist with pricing strategies and day to day business activities as well. AcuScan is natively written and uses the latest technology and software for both iOS, iPadOS and Android to assure optimal performance. We have written AcuScan using the latest technologies to ensure its robustness and future proof moving forward.

As one of the only Australian owned and made stocktaking and lookup tools on the market, we intend for this application to be a big success amongst our clients.

Benefits of the AcuScan Mobile Tool

  • Reduce Human Error: Scan products and have relevant information synced from your POS helping you to check the SKU codes, reducing the likelihood of products being miscounted or mistaken for other products.
  • More Efficient Stocktaking: Being mobile allows you to check stock levels while on the go, generate stock count lists or just check supplier names for products.
  • Check-in with your Acumen Data and Provide Updates Accordingly: AcuScan allows businesses to provide live information to their customers about stock availability, minimum purchase orders for bulk buying, product pricing and costs plus more. All while retaining your Acumen user security preferences.
  • Assists in purchasing decisions: AcuScan can scan products in-store and provide employees with product information that can be considered vital to purchasing decisions, such as: What products do I have matching the term “Hammer Claw”? Do I have any on a purchase order? When is that purchase order due?
  • Inexpensive: As we continue to develop in this technological world, hardware is becoming more out of fashion and more expensive, but with AcuScan we hope this cost will be significantly reduced, allowing more employees to perform stock counts for a fraction of the cost of one barcode scanner, ultimately saving businesses hundreds of dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions about AcuScan.

Who will be able to use it?

Anyone can download AcuScan today and try out its basic stock counting and sharing functionality. Furthermore, Acumen users will be able to successfully link it up to their current Acumen System to access additional features such as product search and viewing product details.

What functions does the initial release of AcuScan have?

In the first release of our application, users who download the app will have immediate access to:

  • Load in barcodes and related quantities to a list via the camera or manually.
  • Share this list with anyone via email, message and many other applications.
  • All you need to do is download the app from your relevant app store.

Acumen users who wish to integrate their data with the AcuScan app will have access to their full product list, including search and display functions enabling them to accurately find and identify products during sales and stocktaking. These display functions will also provide employees with information on:

  • Stock levels including at different branches.
  • Product information including variations, styles and images.
  • Prices.
  • Minimum and maximum order quantities.
  • Last stocktake date.
  • Product item lookups (Item class).
  • View all item codes related to an item classed product code.

When integrated to your Acumen system, users will also be able to directly load items to the BCR function of Acumen. All you need to do is capture in barcodes using your smartphone.

Will it come with Login and Security Capability?

Yes, we’ve developed AcuScan to ensure it will still have the same hierarchical security set-up where pricing and products are only displayed if they have the appropriate access. This means you can continue to keep business functions secure while increasing the efficiency of your business processes.

How will it integrate with current systems?

AcuScan will seamlessly integrate with your current Acumen Point of Sales system for a consolidated approach to business success and point of sales. All user accessibility features are also brought over to AcuScan to assist with company processes.

How accessible will it be for businesses?

AcuScan is integrated completely with your Acumen System and can be used across all participating branches. Using our unique QR Code setup system, as a user you can have access to your Acumen data in a matter of seconds. To get your Acumen system set up with AcuScan give us a call on 1800 197 165.

Download today:

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