As a business owner or manager, you have probably experienced your fair share of human errors that have been caused by having complex inventory, management and payment systems in place. As we move further into a digital marketspace, automating processes is making operating a business easier to do, more effective and more efficient. At Acumen Computer Systems, we are seeing a surge in people changing to integrated payment systems to remove human errors. 

An integrated payment system automates payment processes seamlessly to remove middleman processes and reduce human errors. The integrated payment system does this by connecting your EFTPOS machine and POS system allowing seamless communication between the two systems. 

Human errors are one of the biggest challenges with payment processors, so here are five reasons why you should be considering an integrated payment system

1. Removing Input Errors 

Since the introduction of credit card payments, inputting purchase values into an EFTPOS terminal has been the most common source of human error. Anyone is able to misplace a decimal, forget a number or misread the total on the POS system which can result in overcharging or undercharging your clients. An integrated EFTPOS system removes this risk because your EFTPOS terminal and register can communicate with each other. Therefore nobody needs to manually enter a numeric value into a separate machine. 

2. Gaps in your Settlement Totals

It is always annoying when there are gaps in your settlement totals between the EFTPOS machine and the POS system. Often you will try and scramble to find where you may have lost the money or received the money, and this can take time, particularly if you have had a busy day or week. With an integrated payment system, there will always be a record of your EFTPOS transactions visible in your POS system. 

3. Disconnection between EFTPOS and Sale Transactions

With payment systems that are not integrated, there can be many miscommunication issues, and miscommunication is one of the most common problems we hear. If your payment processor doesn’t talk to your POS system, you will most likely have to manually correlate your sales to your EFTPOS transactions if needed. Manually finding and correlating EFTPOS transactions takes time, and there are many opportunities for you and your staff to misrelate a sale transaction to an EFTPOS transaction. However, if your system has integrated EFTPOS, your sale transactions are automatically associated to each EFTPOS transaction, making it significantly less stressful by allowing you to easily identify precisely any EFTPOS transaction to its corresponding sale transaction within a split second, saving you time. 

4. Receipts

Current systems that are not integrated can produce up to four receipts; two for the business and two for the customer. This is not only environmentally unfriendly, but it’s also time-consuming, and you can get lost when it comes to tax time. Receipt mismanagement is one of the biggest challenges for business owners. What if you gave the customer the merchant receipt? What if you haven’t processed your sales? Well with an integrated system it is not only kept on file but it also allows you to only have to print one receipt for the customer. So there won’t be any disputes later on, and if you need to bring up the EFTPOS transaction? With an Acumen integrated system, you don’t need to print your receipt as you are able to bring them up on your POS screen. 

5. Takes up space 

While this isn’t a human error, it can definitely harm your business’s productivity and look unprofessional. Many unintegrated systems still require to be connected to multiple outlets and can get in the way of other important equipment. This is particularly visible when you are forced to constantly spin your EFTPOS terminal back and forth between you and your customer as you manual input the sale amount and then offer the EFTPOS terminal to your customer to pay. With an integrated system, your EFTPOS terminal can be left facing your customer in a convenient location, allowing your customer easy access to the EFTPOS terminal. 

Next Steps

If you are planning to upgrade, your systems get in touch with the integrated system experts at Acumen Computer Systems. Our team can provide you with future-ready technologies, ongoing support and over 40 years of knowledge about operational systems. So get in touch with us by calling 1800 228 636 or sending us an email.