If you run a customer-based business, your point of sales system is a critical part of your business success and growth. It is an investment that will help streamline accounting, organise your inventory and produce productivity reports all while keeping the customer happy.

Unlike most systems you put in place in your business, you shouldn’t wait for your POS System to break down before getting in contact with your POS support team. You should be in contact regularly to ensure your POS system is consistently working at optimal levels.

At Acumen Computer Systems, we have a homegrown support team that is always available to take your calls and emails to better assist your business. Here are three reasons why you should contact our support team more often than not.

1. You are throwing away money

As a growing business, you should be able to demand efficiency from your employees and your POS system. By being in regular contact with your POS support team, you maintain your point of sales operation and avoid tech failures or system crashes where you lose money and customers. This can be extremely frustrating and even more so when only a handful of employees know how to maximise the use of their pos system. With Acumen Support in your pocket, you can be assured that your POS system is updated with the latest innovations, always performing optimally and that your employees are utilising their terminals to maximise your revenue.

2. There are opportunities for growth you don’t know about yet

Your POS System is more valuable than you think it might be, as it can be responsible for accounting, inventory management and stocktaking as well as selling products. A POS System can assist in business growth by being equipped with necessary functions such as being able sync web sales and in-store sales to effectively manage inventory or provide comprehensive security and a hierarchical employee ID to assist with refunds and returns. By being in contact with your POS support team regularly, they can have a greater understanding of your business and how it is growing to enable them to provide better recommendations and training to your employees.

At Acumen, we strive to create a relationship with all of our customers to better understand their needs. We encourage business owners and store managers to ask questions to ensure they are getting the most out of their POS System. Questions you should ask your support team include:

  • Am I getting the most out of my point of sales?
  • Are there ways I can improve my sales cycle using my POS?
  • What recommendations do you have to improve my sales performance?
  • Are there any features I am not utilising?

By building this relationship with the Acumen support team, we can also custom build features unique to your business before you need them, which will mean we can train your employees so you continue to provide the best products and customer service.

3. You and your employees understand your POS better

A custom POS system can help you run your business by assisting with inventory management, accounting and employee productivity. However, most businesses struggle to utilise their POS system to its full potential because they don’t have the required training or assistance. With an Acumen POS Support team, you are provided with onsite training on the day of set up and at regular intervals to ensure your team knows how to best use your system. We are also on call to answer any questions you may have when using it throughout the workday. This helps streamline all of your processes and eliminates only having one employee know how to use and maintain the system. With ongoing training and support when needed, businesses stay ahead of their competitors and continue to innovate their processes for true scalability.

We are the team behind your POS

At Acumen, we strive to help businesses grow. Our custom POS systems will help automate processes and assist with business tasks that are a challenge to do manually. We build relationships with each client so that we can fully understand the business and provide accurate and ongoing support to them. Our team is locally based in Geelong and is available to discuss any queries or concerns you may have via phone, email or in person. So, if you are looking for helpful and human support with a custom POS system, get in touch.