Businesses have faced a lot of challenges, particularly with newly enforced health and hygiene rules due to the spread of COVID-19. Everyone is scrambling to stay updated with the changes and are investing their time and money into alternative payment solutions. At Acumen Computer Systems, we want to provide you and your business with effective and efficient integrated EFTPOS solutions that are designed to benefit the future of your business.


We have learnt a lot about COVID-19 over the past two months, in particular, that it is easy to transfer from person to person. Take McDonald’s Fawkner for example, where one asymptomatic employee tested positive, and it has resulted in just under 100 cases and 12 other McDonald’s restaurants needing to put staff on leave and stores being deep cleaned. 

How as a business could you combat the risk of transmission? 

Many businesses have introduced cashless policies, sanitising spray for EFTPOS machines, and some are using protective stickers over terminals. While these are all good methods to reduce transmission, it has increased the time spent at the cash register, which can irritate customers (even the most understanding). All of these methods are also temporary, meaning there is a lingering thought on staff members’ minds about what happens when things go back to normal. 

At Acumen Computer Systems, we want to provide you with a more permanent solution that minimises the risk of transmission of all germs. The solution is an integrated EFTPOS system. 

What are Integrated Eftpos systems? 

Integrated EFTPOS systems allow for your EFTPOS machine and POS system to talk directly to each other. Its automation means that you remove the middle steps of inputting the total into a separate machine and assuming you or your staff get it right every time. By having an integrated system, you are removing the chance of human errors, building confidence for customers and increasing your staff morale, and both parties feel safer using this system. 

Why now? 


Besides the obvious situation of COVID-19, Australia has been steadily moving into a cashless society and a digital market. Data shows that there was a 44% decrease in using cash last year, and in light of the health pandemic, 94% of Aussies preferred using contactless payment methods and digital wallets when making purchases. With integrated payment systems, you are prepared for this digital transition and have the latest technology for contactless payment methods. 


Additionally, integrated EFTPOS systems will help your production line and reduce wait times as the two devices talk to each other. This communication not only reduces the likelihood of human errors but will help stop the spread of all infections because your customers will only have to touch one device briefly. It also reduces wait time because the system works quicker than manual input which means your customers don’t have to stand in line as long.


Finally, integrated systems will help you adhere to the current health and hygiene recommendations for social distancing and more importantly, allow you to continue to practice outstanding health and hygiene practices into the future. Integrated payment systems will enable you to control how much contact there is between your staff and customers by keeping them separated without having to pass EFTPOS terminals back and forth. During and after this health pandemic, people are going to be more cautious about how they use their money and where they use their money. If you have an integrated EFTPOS system, people will have more confidence to spend money at your organisation because of how little contact there is and how much control you have over your hygiene practices.

Next Steps

If you need to update or install a payment system for your business, Acumen Computer Systems can advise you on which integrated EFTPOS system is right for your business and provide you with ongoing support and updates. We pride ourselves on being client-focused and helping your business reach its full potential with management and payment systems that are future focussed and easy to use. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you get started.