Your POS system is one of the fundamental pieces of technology that you rely on to run your business. As we have become more technology-reliant, the POS System has become more powerful; storing customer information, providing you with auto purchase suggestions, managing your inventory and delivering digital receipts via email and SMS.

It is the last thing you would want to be in a vulnerable situation such as a data breach or hack, as it possibly contains hundreds of pieces of personal information such as credit card details, names and birthdates.

So when was the last time you updated your POS System and reviewed user access?

What is POS Security?

POS Security is a measure put in place to prevent unauthorised transactions, malicious activity and data breaches. It is a necessity in all modern-day POS Systems for known and unknown threats. With POS Security, businesses can provide customers with a safe environment where they feel comfortable purchasing, and providing personal information.

POS Security generally is equipped with several features including firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention software. A good security system will also go beyond the basics by including multi-access level software and remote access to the system.

As data breaches and hacks become more prevalent, it is incredibly important to have up-to-date POS Security in place. This ensures your customer’s safety, provides peace of mind and protects your assets both physical and intellectual.

How much will it cost my business if I don’t update my POS System?

In alarming news, according to a recent study by the Ponemon Institute, breaches (data and physical) can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $4 million depending on what information, stock or technology was stolen and how sensitive it was.

With new laws recently being passed (following the Medibank and Optus breach) about how to secure and store your information, now is the time to update your POS System.

Acumen’s Top Tips To Maintaining A Secure POS System

Update Regularly

One of the best ways to ensure your POS system is secure is to review and update it regularly. At Acumen Computer Systems, we recommend reviewing user access and enforcing password updates once a quarter.

By reviewing your POS System once a quarter you will:

  • Notice discrepancies in stock earlier and be able to put measures in place to prevent theft.
  • Be able to remove and update user access depending on the employee’s status
  • Try to reduce any cyber weaknesses within your system.

Don’t make POS (basic user) a manager

One of the most common mistakes in retail is leaving one POS System as a POS Manager which everyone has access to. This opens your business up to stock being stolen, miscellaneous transactions and unauthorised discounts or charges. It also leaves all of your company’s data unsecure for anyone to access, which can be extremely detrimental to your business.

Instead, you should employ a multi-level security access system which enables employees of higher management to be able to process refunds, cash sales and order stock when needed. From there, ensuring that at least one employee with additional access is on shift is the best way to ensure a secure business.

secure your
Pharmacist selling medical products to african american client, buying medicaments and supplements at pharmacy desk. Worker scanning boxes of drugs and vitamins to sell medicine. Handheld shot.

If you haven’t already, create access levels

Acumen POS is embedded with multi-level security to limit the access of customers and employees. These are designed to provide the right employees with the right access to ensure they can continue to do their job functions. With these access levels, you can ensure your employees don’t have access to information that may cause harm and that you continue to provide streamlined and customised services to your customers.

Acumen POS Security

At Acumen Computer Systems we pride ourselves on custom-built POS systems with advanced security systems. Our POS security allows you to take full control of your POS system by ensuring that no employee has greater access than necessary.

It is a good idea to regularly review the access levels and update passwords as soon as you can to avoid vulnerability but if you require assistance, training or support throughout this process please give us a call to see how we can assist.