What is Magento? 

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that provides flexible shopping experiences. With a Magento integration, you are able to seamlessly manage inventory for online and instore purchases from one system. At Acumen, Magento has been a popular integration over the past financial year as many of our clients have had to adjust their business model due to ongoing pandemic restrictions. 

Why should you have an e-commerce platform? 

After a pandemic, it should be clearer than ever that every business should have an online profile. However, what is more important for many businesses is to also have an online store, an e-commerce POS integration can assist in remedying this challenge. But there are many reasons why an e-commerce platform is so important:

  • Studies show that people tend to research products and services before shopping for them. An e-commerce platform can provide them with the valuable information they need to make a purchasing decision.
  • An e-commerce platform, like Magento, provides you with global exposure and can assist you in growing or scaling your business. 
  • More exposure means more sales and less work. People know what they want often and if they can find it online they are likely to purchase it then and there. 

Why integrate Magento with your Acumen POS?

If you are not completely sure how a Magento integration will help your business here are just a few ways Magento improves the efficiency of your Acumen point of sales system. 

Streamlined Inventory Management 

A streamlined inventory management makes it easier to manage multiple stores, particularly if those stores share the same inventory. With Magento Inventory Management, sales made online can automatically sync with the stock your brick and mortar store uses. This prevents products from being sold that are no longer available and allows you to see real-time updates of what products are being bought and when. You retain total control over your products and sales and are able to optimise the e-commerce platform to meet business needs. 

Get to Know Your Customers Better

Customers are the heart and soul of every business, and with Magento, you are able to get to know them and their shopping behaviours a little bit better. Magento provides comprehensive reporting tools that allow you to segment customers by order history, lifetime value, location, gender and wishlist items. This allows you to personalise the shopping experience for each customer and provide them with different ways to pay and acquire your products, such as Find In-Store or Click and Collect. When you add Acumen POS System to Magento, it enables you to make smarter business decisions as you are able to track purchasing trends and accurately predict when you need to order more stock. 

Acumen Point of Sales

Acumen POS systems are great for hardware stores, manufacturers and retail stores with lots of moving parts and a Magento integration provides B2B companies and B2C companies with an online catalogue for their clients. This is the perfect solution to improve inventory management and scale your business. If you are considering how you can improve your POS functions, get in touch with Acumen who can help you find the right integration for your business.