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Acumen Point of Sales are POS systems that keep your business running smoothly. 

Sales are the reason for being in business and that’s why Acumen pays particular attention to getting it right from the very first go! Whether you use quotes, customer orders, invoices or cash sales, with Acumen you enter the data only once thanks to its fully integrated document tracking system. Our software is not modulated, so everything you see below is everything you get plus more!



Point of Sale (Cash Sales)

Make cash sale entries quick and simple so your business can generate sales super fast.


Create and print your own vouchers. Redeeming vouchers is simple and easy.

Promotions & Special Pricing

Keep up with competitive pricing. Create customer or clubs discounts and set out new promotions to keep your customers happy.

General Details

From products to groups, you can view, edit or delete the details of almost any part of Acumen without disrupting the integrity of an auditable trail.


Create customer orders simply and quickly. With a simple click to supply the customer order you can generate your own purchase order through Acumen’s purchasing system. Also, with another simple click you can turn customer orders into sales.

Debtors - Accounts Receivable

Customer Invoices

Create account sales using the same simple process used for creating cash sales. You can also swiftly send your invoices to your customers by email.

Customer Credit Notes

Need to make a return on an account sale? Don’t worry, creating a customer credit note is as easy as creating the account sale itself.

Customer Balances

Review your customer balances and see who owes your business money.

Customer Transactions

Look up your customer’s transaction history to observe what they are/are not buying from you.

Customer Payments

Simply apply customer account payments against their outstanding transactions. Observe any outstanding customer transactions or easily find which customers have overpaid their account.


You can also create journals to transfer amounts between customer accounts where ever needed.

End of Month Processing

Print or email off statements to your account customers and age your debtors into the next month. If necessary you can hold off the end month processing, allowing for new sales to be processed into the new month, whilst giving yourself time to finish closing off the previous month.

Creditors - Accounts Payable

Supplier Invoices

Create supplier invoices for your purchasing history.

Supplier Credit Notes

Issue against your supplier invoices any credits that you may have received from your suppliers.

Supplier Balances

See who your biggest suppliers are and manage how much your business owes.

Supplier Transactions

View your purchasing history and gain control over the timing of your bill payments.

Supplier Payment Controls

Maintain control and ensure you are only paying for what you’ve agreed to. Issue quick payments for all of your outstanding invoices, as well as create a direct deposit list for your banking software.

Creditors Journals

You can also journal off balances between your supplier accounts where needed.

End of Month Processing

Age your creditors into a new month for your accounting and reporting needs.



Point-of-sale software tailored to the individual needs of your business.

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Staff Authorisation

Create limits for your staff so you can control who in your business can discount down to cost or authorise purchases for accounts over their limit.

Access Level Control

Take control of what is available to each user. Limit access to sales, refunds, purchasing, stock, and reports.

Stock Management

Stock Enquiring

Stock inquiries keep you in touch without the need to be physically there. From single site to multiple branches, you'll always know your stock.

Branch Transfers

Acumen has the ability to manage stock over one or many branch sites. Facilities such as inter branch transfer are designed to give you control over your stock.

Stock Management

Acumen provides a high level of product file customisation, allowing for even the largest ranges of products and services. Managing a product file is simple and easy no matter how small or large.

In-House Factory Ordering

Have manufacturing in your business? Acumen can account for stock usage and wastage in the manufacturing of goods.

Supplier Purchases

Purchase Orders

Acumen's purchase system allows the tracking of the complete order process. You can even email purchase orders direct to your suppliers from within Acumen.

Order Control

Manage all your orders in one easy place.

Auto Purchases

Acumen allows automatic raising of supplier purchases, transfer requests and internal factory orders. Automatic purchasing can be implemented at various levels from supplying each customer order individually, to generating bulk purchases.

Supplier Catalogue

Manage supplier catalogues within Acumen. Generate product or product group associations with one or more suppliers to use within Acumen's purchase order system.

Stock Requirments

Keep your stock at the right level with Acumen's stock requirements system.



Manage bank accounts inside Acumen with our Cashbook. Import bank statements and make adjustments to ensure you're always on top of your financials.

Till Banking

Manage all tender types through Acumen's till banking system.

Cheque Management

We allow you to use continuous stationery or single sheet cheques.

Miscellaneous Payments and Receipts

Have a miscellaneous payment or receipt? Keep that managed through Acumen and have your general ledger match.

Petty Cash

Keep every cent managed in your general ledger by appropriately recording petty cash.


Standard Reports

Acumen's report list includes over 200 standardized reports to help you manage your business.

Customized Reports

Have a report not included in our report list? Utilize Acumen's extensive report building system to create the exact report you want.

General Ledger

Acumen's GL system provides a large degree of flexibility. There are four major methods of grouping and arranging ledger accounts; Statement Levels, Ledger Code Segments, Account Sections and Chart of Accounts.


Create your own chart of accounts. Group your ledger accounts under your own sections for assets, liabilities, equity, income, expenses and more.

GL Segments

Want your different departments to have their own profit and loss centre? Create a customised grouping with your ledger accounts to separate income and expenses across departments or branches and also view a company total.

Load Postings

Generate general ledger journals with the push of a button. Acumen uses double entry bookkeeping to make sure that balances are correct and accurate.

Ledger Balances

View your ledger account balances across each month. Display an account history so you can quickly find all the general ledger journal entries against an account.

Point of Sale Equipment

Acumen provide leading edge Point of Sale Equipment to streamline your sales process.

POS Systems

POS Systems

Say goodbye to added work pressures and take control of your business with the Acumen Point of Sale System. Its comprehensive reporting ability has you covered from employee management to stocktaking.

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Evolve with your customers and allow them to pay the way they want to. Our built-in general ledger allows you to facilitate all types of payments including trade accounts, creditors and debtors from the one system.

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Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

We are entirely Australian-based and take pride in being able to offer continuous, high quality and reliable support for our clients. We want to get to know you and your business and offer a dependable level of service.

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Scalable from small single store, through to large multi-site enterprises. For businesses involved in retail, wholesale and trade. Take control of your business with the Acumen POS System and it’s comprehensive reporting system.

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