Do you have a feeling that you are wasting time and money because you don’t have POS software?

One of our customers with a retail store and 4 staff recently told me she has saved $20,400 per annum by putting in a POS system.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Speed up at point of sale

The use of barcodes and barcode scanners speeds up the checkout process. Quicker throughput means happier customers.

POS software brings better stock control

Better stock control ensures you always have just the right amount of stock on the shelf. Having the right amount of stock means you won’t have unnecessary capital tied up in stock that isn’t moving. On the flip side, you will always have stock available for customers to purchase.

Purchasing control with Point of Sale software

Know what to order, when to order it, how many and from which supplier.

POS software should allow you to set up multiple suppliers for a product. This will ensure that you order from the best supplier based on price, lead time and minimum order quantity.

Systems with auto ordering can be a great time saver by creating purchase orders based on past sales combined with min and max stock requirement settings.

Improved price control

Point of sale software ensures the customer is always charged the correct price no matter who is at the counter.

You will be able to provide special prices to specific customers and different customer groups (e.g. RRP, wholesale and trade).

Managing promotions has never so easy. This feature will allow specific products or product groups to be reduced in price for a predetermined period of time or quantity.

Better control of debtors and creditors

Know how much debtors owe and when it is due. Easily see their average days to pay. Know how much you owe creditors and by when.

Reporting and business intelligence

Perhaps the most important benefit of POS software is the insights into your business it provides, enabling you to make informed business decisions with accurate data.

Know your gross profit, which products give you the highest gross profit, slow moving stock, value of stock on hand, and much more.

Improved efficiency

With the POS software eliminating or reducing many manual processes, you can make better use of your staff. They will be able to serve customers better providing an improved experience for them and increase sales for you.

Support for the retailer

One of the added benefits of putting in point of sale software is the support that most POS vendors provide. The industry experience that they will bring to the table can be a great benefit to the retailer.

There are costs involved investing in a POS system, however we have found that the return on investment is at most only a few years. After this time its money in the bank!