The adoption of digital payment systems and POS software has been through the roof due to new demands like contactless payments. But implementing these systems shouldn’t mean extra work for you, particularly in these challenging times. 

At Acumen Computer Systems,  we can help you implement new POS software and digital payment systems to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.


In particular, one of the biggest trends of 2020 is to reduce your workload by simplifying the workflow for your payments and payment reminders, and we recently wrote a blog about why this could be beneficial for your business. Streamlining these important documents and processes makes business easy again and certainly reduces the stress of being paid because everyone is reminded appropriately about when payments are due. At Acumen, we provide ongoing support to our clients to ensure these systems are being used effectively and efficiently. 

Our clients have been able to adopt email and SMS reminders for almost all of their important documents, including: 

  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Statements
  • Receipts

These workflow enhancements have resulted in our clients saving time and getting paid faster.

But there is a trap to directly sending your payment reminders. If messages don’t offer your customers value, it can become spam and fracture your relationship. 

How do you combat using digital payment reminders, workflow streamlining and continue to engage your customers? You diversify the statements. 

Diversify your statements

Diversification doesn’t have to be a hassle for you or your business, it can be quite simple to implement. Some of the ways you can diversify your statements are by breaking up the days it’s sent out, including product announcements and offers and providing something personal to maintain customer relationships. 

Market Your Business

These statements do not just have to be payment reminders, customers can get frustrated if they are the only emails or texts they get from your business. You can get creative and smart with these emails, incentivise your customers with new tools and rewards and at the same time, build your customer’s trust. We have seen our clients add coupons, links to services, YouTube Videos, and educational guides to their payment reminders, and they have had more success in being paid on time and improved their customer engagement. 

Another way you can diversify your statements is by asking for feedback and reviews on the services and products you provide. This not only gives you an idea of how well you’re performing but can improve your business’s reputation as you are showing you care about your customer’s opinion. If you are concerned about explicitly asking for feedback in your statements, we have seen similar success in adding a testimonial button such as “Leave us a Google Review” below the statement.

By adding your statements to your marketing plan, you are being paid faster, building customer engagement, and finding new ways you can help your customers. Overall improving your business operations


The day your payment reminders, invoices and quotes are sent are particularly important to whether or not your customers will open them. Getting your statements ready to come out on the 28th of each month seems ideal, but if it’s sent on the weekend, it can annoy your clients and put you in an awkward position. Choose the days wisely and consider the time you are sending them, are they being opened by your customers? 

As a simple rule of thumb, avoid sending reminders on the weekend, Friday afternoon and on Monday morning. People are less likely to open them during these times because they are relaxing, preparing for the weekend or setting up their week, and you don’t want to add to their stress. Consequently, we have seen client success in sending emails Monday afternoon, Tuesday lunchtime and Thursday. Sending reminders on a Thursday often has had the most success because people are usually paid on a Thursday, and it can be an easy transaction. 

Maintain customer relationships

It’s universal, people like feeling special and valued. With your reminders, invoices and quotes make them feel like their time or their effort is being valued. Remember their name. Include an opening question to start a conversation if needed. Utilise your data and what you know about them to make sure they feel appreciated. Have different reminders for clients who are utilising different services. Ask them about the services they are receiving and if they require extra assistance. All of this is quite easy to set up within Acumen software, and we can provide you with the needed support to make sure the system runs smoothly. 

Set it up right the first time with Acumen Computer Systems

Customers are the essence of every business and are increasingly becoming connected to organisations they frequently use. With an increase in digital technologies maintaining customer relationships and appearing human even when streamlining is important for brand reputation and can influence the success of your business. 

This is why Acumen has set up an SMS integration that can be directly sent from the Customer Order and Customer Screens. SMS integration allows you to remind customers of their statements while also appearing personable. They are also more likely to be read during these isolated times as everyone will have their phone with them. You can edit and customise these messages using the in built Report Designer in your Acumen system. 

If you are setting up digital payment reminders and upgrading your POS system to allow for digital statements, call us on 1800 228 636 and we can help you set it up and provide you with the right equipment and tools to execute it correctly. At Acumen Computer Systems, we want to ensure businesses are not stressing about activities a computer system can automate.