Every business owner wants a system that will help them stay on top of their business whilst also having a system that can handle the growth of their business. Many business owners will sacrifice one for the other, but what if you didn’t have to? A POS report system provided in an Acumen POS system could be your answer to having the best of both worlds.

What are POS Reports?

Your POS system collects data with every transaction. A POS report is a report based on the collated data of every selected transaction. The reports provide businesses with an extra insight into how they are performing, what they are selling and what they’re not, and even trends of when people are buying things. That’s just the beginning with POS reports.

With an Acumen POS System, there is a reports function built into your system so you can quickly grab the report you need when you need it.

Why choose Acumen POS?

Acumen POS can assist all types of businesses. One of our client’s favourite features about our report systems is that they are fully customisable. Simple POS systems often come with 10-20 standardised reports that aren’t very adjustable. As an Acumen client, you can create reports that exactly match the needs of your business without needing additional software. This means you can gain more valuable insights into how stock management and sales affects your business. For example, if you are a mattress company, you can create a report that compares the mattresses being sold to who is selling them and potentially adjust when your employees are working based on what they are selling.

We also have a report list and a run list. Our report list consists of 215 standardised reports for our clients to choose from. In this list, clients are able to print, preview and email that standardised report easily.

Our run list is where you can save, edit and build reports based on your needs. For example, we are able to copy and paste report elements together to help you get a clearer picture of your inventory and we can also change design elements to improve accessibility. Further benefits of having a comprehensive run list include:

  • Being able to organise customised reports into different groups i.e. by different managers.
  • You can run all of the reports under a particular Run Lists List with the click of a button.
  • You can provide multiple copies of the same report with slight changes for each recipient if needed.

Having these lists and standardised reports means we can help you choose and set up reports to give you a deeper analysis into how your business is running.

Popular Acumen Reports

To help you make your decision easier below we have outlined some of our top reports that our clients love to use.

Stock Value Report: A stock value report is a standard report that shows our clients how much stock they have, the average cost of each item and the total value of their stock. It is connected to inventory and can assist business owners when performing a stocktake.

Top 50 Products sales growth by Gross Profit: This report shows the top 50 products sold over a selected time period and ranks the products by their gross profit. It allows clients to quickly see what is performing well within their business.

Group Sales: A group sales report allows clients to group items by characteristics and see an overall picture of how a group is doing rather than having to manually calculate whether the group is making a profit.

Branch Product Sales: If a client runs multiple branches they find this customised report to be one of the most helpful POS reports. A branch product sales report indicates to a business what products are popular and making the most profit for each branch. This report helps with inventory management as for example your branches in NSW might have different needs and different popular items to branches in VIC.

Exceptional Items: An exceptional item report provides our clients with insight into items that have a very low gross profit. This report also checks these items to see if the item is being sold through the wrong code, sold at the wrong price, or not selling at all. If an item is not making a profit this report will also provide recommendations on how to manage this item’s inventory to assist business owners with stock counting.

Next Steps

If you are in need of a comprehensive POS System that can provide your business with a deeper insight into how well it is running, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Acumen Computer Systems. Acumen understands that it’s not just about sales but about how and where you get the sales from, which is why our systems are fully integrated so there is less added pressure and fewer human errors when it comes to providing comprehensive reports. Call our team today on 1800 228 636 to find out what we can do for you.