Retailers who excel in providing great in-store customer experiences agree the implementation of a quality, multi-functional POS system has played a major role in enhancing overall customer satisfaction with their business.

The modern shopper expects a unique and engaging experience when they visit a bricks and mortar store, and smart business owners understand the value in creating high-tech customer experiences that deliver exceptional customer service.

How do these retailers shape their overall shopper experience?  By streamlining in-store shopping using a multi-functional digital POS system.

The right POS software and hardware allows business owners to perform multiple operational functions with improved efficiencies while also gaining valuable data that delivers insights into their customers shopping habits.

Providing customised offers based on a customer’s purchase history and special shopping incentives is a great way to generate repeat business, shopper loyalty and grow your revenue.

Adding a POS system, even a modern, tablet-based POS version,gives retailers of all sizes the framework to achieve in-store operational efficiencies, drive sales and elevate the position of their brand.   Happy customers should always be the end goal.

Here are five simple ways a retail POS system can transform customer experience in your store.

Quick checkout

A quality POS system provides retailers who sell high volume inventory with integrated barcode scanning options. This transaction method removes manual data entry preventing inventory errors and reducing checkout times.

The big advantage is speedy and efficient transactions for customers when making their purchases.  Time poor customers love speedy checkouts.  Nobody likes waiting in line so reducing time spent in queues will keep your customers happy, and happier customers are more likely to become repeat shoppers.

A variety of payment options

In today’s fast paced digital world and increasingly cashless society, customers not only expect an array of payment options, they demand it.  To stay competitive and win customers, retailers need to adapt to how their customers want to pay for goods and services.

Mobile devices give shoppers access to numerous payment gateway methods, think Afterpay, Google Pay, and ApplePay, and retailers will miss out on business if they can’t meet their customers preferred way of payment.

The good news is a fully functional and reliable POS system can simplify the payment process, streamlining checkout transactions as business owners are able to implement a broad range of payment options, including cash, debit and credit cards, QR Codes, gift cards, mobile wallets like ApplePay and Buy Now, Pay Later services.

Retailers may not enjoy the additional payment processing fees however if you consider these costs as a worthwhile investment in taking care of your customers by providing a quality in-store shopping experience; and contributing to the longer term success of your business, then you are already winning.

Resolve inventory issues

Running out of stock is a major pain point for many businesses and their customers.  Having a shopper leaving a store empty handed doesn’t translate to a good customer experience.

This is where a POS system really adds value as it integrates seamlessly with inventory management, accounting and stock reconciliation programs enabling retailers to effectively track stock levels.

It streamlines the stock reordering processes and ensures stores always have the right amount of stock on hand.  From a customer’s point of view this means that things they want to buy are always available.   The ideal scenario for both customers and business owners.

Customer loyalty touchpoints

A well thought out POS system can add immense value to your customer service charter.  By collecting customer details and email addresses at the point of purchase, you can easily impress your customers by emailing their receipts and addressing them by name on their next store visit.

Building customer loyalty via a quality POS software can be as simple as rewarding loyal shoppers with personalised and customised discounts at the register.

Focused email marketing

Collecting customer’s email addresses via the POS System at time of purchase enables retailers to create marketing opportunities using targeted email campaigns that turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.

Clearly a retailer’s customer database sits at the pinnacle of consumer marketing.  It enables marketers and business owners to create meaningful conversations with their customers, build focused email campaigns for product sales, promotions and suggest new products based on a customer’s previous purchases.

Newsletters promoting new product releases, customer relevant news about the business and special events are also another way to connect with your shoppers.

Importantly, a personalised email giving customers a special discount for their birthday is another way retailers can provide a great customer experience.

Have more questions on a POS System?

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