As a business owner, it is becoming increasingly important to have integrated systems that work seamlessly with each other. A comprehensive network designed to make business easier.  It’s no longer just about purchasing a POS system alongside everything else but about purchasing a complex POS system to integrate with every aspect of your business. A POS system that is able to communicate customer data, track sales, assist in stock management and refine accounting processes is the key to success.

At Acumen Computer Systems, we don’t just sell you a POS System but we provide ongoing support and customisable integrations that assist in streamlining your business processes.

Why do you need Integrations?

Adding integrations to your POS system can help you run your business more effectively as you usually heavily rely on your POS system to perform tasks such as inventory management. Having one system to help you perform all of the tasks you need to do at the checkout, not only makes it easier for your business to make sales but improves the customer experience. Using integrations with your POS system also means when you’re busy your store hands, sales representatives or cashiers aren’t flustered and confused with how to handle sales.

Acumen have quite a few integrations to choose from, here are five integrations you should consider adding to your POS System:

Office Integration

Office is one of the most well-known brands that can provide many benefits for integrating with your POS. Good integration with Office can serve to provide not only with more convenience but also make your business look more professional. Acumen can allow you to unify your operations with Office by:

    • Creating customisable stationery such as letterheads, labels, as well as printable forms or promotional letters direct from Acumen to your preferred office application.
    • Quickly and easily email quotes, purchase orders, customer statements and invoices as word, excel and many other document types whenever required.
    • Easily export advanced reports and graphs for viewing and analysing data in your preferred format.
    • Heavily reduce the amount of double-entry required when working with your Office applications.

SMS Integration

Having an SMS Integration allows you to connect with your customers on the most popular communication device, their phone. SMS integrations can be personalised and segmented to only target the customers you want to target. This integration is great for reminding customers about bills and providing additional marketing, but some other benefits include:

    • Able to provide timely updates and helpful messages to your customers.
    • Provide the customer with options and allow for a multi-channel experience
    • Immediate benefit in the outlook of your customer service as customers feel appreciated for the reminder
    • A cost-effective solution to contacting customers as it can be completed through our report systems.
    • Able to collect further data on your customer’s behaviours and customise their sales process


Magento is an e-commerce platform that provides online merchants with flexible shopping experiences. A POS integration with Magento allows for you to seamlessly manage inventory and online and in-store purchases from one system. It’s an open-sourced platform that provides many benefits including:

    • Provides a better customer experience both online and in-store
    • You get to know your customers, with powerful reports and insight into shopping behaviours
    • Easy to install onto Acumen POS Systems and is a budget-friendly solution to hosting an e-commerce store.


Linkly is an integrated payment solution, previously known as PC-EFTPOS, and sets the standard for secure and flexible transactions. It is a seamless integration that provides your customers with more options as to how they pay, and support for end-to-end payment solutions.

Some benefits of integrating Linkly with your POS system include:

    • You don’t have to leave the POS system to make a transaction, there is no need for a second device
    • Linkly leverages and maintains relationships with major banks to improve cash flow and payment cycles.
    • Easily connects with Acumen POS System
    • Reduces human error and is a more reliable payment solution by streamlining data with your POS system.


GetSwift is a delivery management integration solution that helps businesses deliver purchases safely and securely. For a business with this integration, you are able to effectively track drivers, and optimise delivery routes for efficiency. It also allows you to:

    • Manage your fleets and provide real-time updates for your customers to keep them happy.
    • Provide drivers with critical tasks from your POS system
    • Collect data from customer feedback and own your brand reputation.
    • Evaluate your drivers’ performance through added insights such as average delivery time.

Choose Acumen Computer Systems

In today’s world, POS integrations are needed to help businesses succeed. Acumen POS Software is versatile and can incorporate a vast array of integrations seamlessly. The five outlined in this blog are just some of the most popular integrations with our systems. If you are looking to add integrations to your POS Systems, check out some of our featured integrations and get in contact with our team to find out how we can help you.